Finance Connection meeting!!

The Finance Connection hosts William M. Daugherty, Founder, CEO and CIO of WMD Asset Management, on February 15th at 6:30 PM in IV Theater 2. WMD is located in Montecito and included is his bio. This will be a great event, and is open for anyone to attend.

We hope to see you all there!
The Finance Connection

History of WMD Asset Management, LLC, and Its Affiliates

A leader among innovative fixed income traders, William M. Daugherty, Founder, Chief Executive Officer and Chief Investment Officer of WMD Asset Management, LLC, applies disciplined capital management and risk mitigation skills to the acquisition, structuring, execution and management of distressed mortgage portfolios. Following his success at leading Wall Street firms, Mr. Daugherty created WM Daugherty & Co., LLC, in 1998, leveraging his specific expertise and skills, building a team with extraordinary integrity, focus and talent.

After a decade of investing assets for a number of leading financial institutions creating impressive investment results in mortgage-related investment funds, WMD Asset Management, LLC (?WMD Asset?), was founded in 2008 to manage money directly for investors. WMD Asset launched three closed-end funds, delivering strong relative and absolute performance. In 2010, the WMD US Mortgage Opportunities Fund, LP, and its offshore sister fund, WMD USMOF Offshore, LP, were created as evergreen funds for both institutional and high net worth investors. Embarking on 2011, WMD Asset and its affiliates have cumulatively completed over $2 billion in transactions.

28 years experience in successfully trading Whole Loans and Mortgage-Backed Securities and in Mortgage Lending.

Prior Business Associations include:

1998-Present: Founded WM Daugherty and Company, LLC, in Santa Barbara, CA. Principal expertise is in real estate, mortgages, mortgage securities, consumer receivables, and related asset-backed products. WMD Capital Markets, LLC. Chairman and CEO. WMD Asset Management, LLC. Chief Investment Officer and Portfolio Manager.

1995-1998: Arbor Capital Management. Chairman. Arbor Capital Securities. President.

1996-1998: United National Mortgage Corporation. Chairman. (Wholesale Mortgage Banking)

1993-1995: Nomura Securities. Managing Director. (Head of Residential Mortgage Trading)

1987-1993: Goldman Sachs & Co. Vice President. (Trader of Structured Mortgage Products, primarily credit driven assets)

1986-1987: Paine Webber Securities. Vice President. (Head Whole Loan Trader)

1983-1986: Farmers Savings Bank. Vice President. (Trader & Head of Mortgage Finance)