Join the Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Dear Students, 

In 2020, much of the country began to experience a much needed reevaluation of the diversity, equity, and inclusion efforts (or lack thereof) in our communities. The UCSB Economics Department recognizes that it needs to address and improve upon these issues within our space. As such, the department feels it is crucial to uplift the student perspective and make this aim a joint effort. 

We are looking to recruit 3-5 undergraduate students among the pool of pre-majors and majors to join the Diversity & Inclusion Committee and contribute to this goal!

As a combination of undergraduate students, faculty, and staff, we have successfully launched the Mentoring in Economics (ME) Program and the Economists at Work Speaker Series

Since the committee’s conception, we have discussed topics including but not limited to: curriculum, climate, and student community. Now, we are looking to expand our work in these areas with new ideas from students themselves. 

If you are interested in being a voice for undergraduates in this committee, please apply through the google form by Friday, November 5th at 5:00pm. We look forward to your application!