Economics Department Diversity & Inclusion committee – Apply now

Dear Students, 

The recent events associated with the George Floyd murder have spurred a lot of us to think about the promotion of diversity and inclusion in our spaces. The UCSB Economics Department realizes that we need to do more. As we make strides towards that goal, we think that it is crucial to have involvement from undergraduates. To meet this aim, we are recruiting 3-5 undergraduates students from the pool of pre-majors and majors to be a part of our Diversity & Inclusion committee. This committee will meet over the summer and over the coming academic year. Topics we will discuss (but not limited to) curriculum, climate, and student community. The deadline for applying is Monday, June 29th by 5pm. We hope that you will consider applying to this important group. We hope that you have a restful summer during this challenging time.

The application is here 
Due date: Monday, June 29th by 5pm

Heather Royer
Undergraduate Chair for the Economics Department
Associate Professor